PhotoPeach : Create Rich Media Slideshows for Free

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A picture is worth a thousand words and the use of pictures in education is very crucial for they communicate  what words could not convey . So in my research for the photo editing , hosting and sharing tools i stumbled upon this nice application called PhotoPeach .

PhotoPeach is a free  online service that allows it users to create media rich slideshows .What i like the most about this tool is the fact that it supports background music .Integrating audio into photo slideshows makes them quite engaging and presentable .

Some features of PhotoPeach ?

Here are the main features that PhotoPeach offers to its users :
  • It is free but it also has a premium edition with more features .

  • It requires a sign up

  • It is easy to use and very simple

  • It allows you to create multimedia rich slideshows

  • It supports background music , comments and captions

  • You can share your slideshows using email, IM, Twitter or Facebook.

  • You can also embed them in your blog or website

  • You can upload your photos or import them from Picasa or facebook

How can i get started using PhotoPeach ?

Log on to PhotoPeach main page and sign up for a free account
1- Upload photos

2- Arrange photos

3- Add Music

4- Done
Click "Finish" and your slideshow is ready.
Now, add captions on the slideshow, and try embedding slideshow into your blog, facebook, myspace, or posting to twitter with the buttons below

Applications of PhotoPeach in education

We can use PhotoPeach in several ways when it comes to education . We can use it to create engaging slideshows and let students watch them and then add comments . We can use them to teach abstract concepts and review materials .
That’s it about PhotoPeach : Create Rich Media Slideshows for Free .
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