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Linoit is a free sticky and canvas service that does not require anything but a web  browser . Linoit is pretty much like Wallwisher , the sticky note organizer i have talked about before in a post entitled Wallwisher : a Great Digital Online Notice Board. If you know how to use Wallwisher then you would not have any issues with Linoit but if you are not using Wallwisher then follow this step by step tutorial to learn about Linoit and how to use it .


Some features of Linoit

Here are the main features that Linoit offers to its users :
  • It is free to use but it also has a premium version with more options.

  • It is very simple to use

  • It has eye-catching interface

  • It requires a sign up

  • It allows you to post sticky notes whenever and wherever you want

  • It offers reminders on special events or deadlines , just set due dates on your stickies and Linoit does the rest

  • You can attach files to stickies and share them with friends and colleagues

  • You can embed in a free layout your videos , pictures and many more

  • It is mobile enhanced so that you can do the same things you do on your computer but this time on your iPhone or iPad.

  • You can create a group and start sharing your ideas and plans with its members

  • You can email your stickies to others using email service

How can i get started using Linoit ?

Head over to Lioint main page
  1. Sign up for a free account

  2. Once you are there choose a canvas by drag and drop

  3. Start customizing it and adding data to it , use the authoring tool under it to do so .

Watch this videos to learn more about Linoit

Applications of Linoit in education

When i was framing my ideas about how to use Linoit in education i stumbled upon this video which says it all . Watch the video to learn how Linoit can be very useful in our classrooms .

That’s it about Linoit : Free Awesome Stickies  maker.
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