Jetbytes : Free large file sharing

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Jetbytes is another cool file sharing service . This is the second post in a series of posts designed specifically for file sharing tools . I have already covered

in case you want to check any of them . Jetbytes is “an experimental file transfer service which works without storing files during the transfer and allows to download it immediately”.

Some features of Jetbytes

Here are the main features of Jetbytes :
  • It is completely free

  • It does not require any sign up

  • It does not require any installation or download

  • It allows you to quickly send files over the net

  • It does not store any links or data

  • The transfer is in real time and both the sender and receiver must be online to complete it

  • You can send as many files as you want

  • It has no limit on size or bandwidth

That’s it about Jetbytes : Free large file sharing .