IntelliVocab: a mobile app for studying Vocabulary

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IntelliVocab (formerly PowerVocab) is a mobile app that helps you study and learn vocabulary. It use a highly developed semantic techniques based on artificial intelligence to learn about your vocabulary skills and your learning habits and then based on these algorithm equations it provides more challenging vocabulary items for you. I am including this mobile app because it is very important in education. Those who teach English will be very happy to hear about IntelliVocab .Students using mobile devices can now   enlarge their vocabulary repertoire and keep it fresh  and up-to-date.

Some features of IntelliVocab

Here are the main features that Intellivocab offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It is compatible with iPhone, iPhone, and iPod.

  • It has more than 600 words

  • It has a practice session where to test your learning experience

  • It has two parameters “Expert Level” of the user and “Commitment level” of the user. ExpertLevel: determined based on the interactions with the words. CommitmentLevel: determined based on the interactions with the iPhone App/AI engine.

How can i get started using IntelliVocab ?

to learn how to use this mobile app you need to watch this short video tutorial

That’s it about IntelliVocab: a mobile app for studying Vocabulary.
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