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Instablogg is a cool website . It allows its users to create instant blog posts and share them with others . Instablogg is very easy to use and does not require any sign up or installation software . You can start right away writing your posts and sharing them . It is a great way for students to share articles and assignments with each others or with their teachers .

Some features of Instablogg

Here are the main features that Instablogg offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It is user friendly

  • It does not require any sign up or download

  • It has a wonderful authoring tool

  • You can share the link of your post with your friends

  • you can also share it via facebook and twitter

  • You can make your posts either public or private

  • You can also enable or disable comments

How can i get started using Instablogg ?

Head over to Instablogg main page
  1. Fill in the title of your post

  2. Write the body of your post

  3. Select the privacy setting

  4. Enable or disable comments

  5. Click ‘ save and continue editing’

Applications of Instablogg in education

Instablogg is a very good alternative to official blogging platforms for those who are too lazy to create their own blogs . It is also perfect for freelance writers who love to write about anything they feel like writing about without having to stick to a particular niche . Students also find it helpful as it is very simple to use and they can work on it at ease . Teachers can use it to test students writing skills . It is also a good tool for assignments and classroom projects .
That’s it about Instablogg : Create Instant Blog Posts .
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