Host-d.oddcast : Cartonize your Pictures into 3d Avatar

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Host-d.oddcast is a great image editing tool . It allows its users to embed their pictures and cartonize them into 3d avatar . I find it similar if not better than Convert to Cartoon , the image tool i have covered in an earlier post entitled Convert to Cartoon : Turn your Pictures into Cartoons . I am one of the biggest fans of these tools as they are very helpful in teaching and students seem to show more interest and interaction when cartoons or avatars are included in a part of a  lesson.


Some features of Host-d.oddcast

Here are the main features that Host-d.oddcast offers to its users :
  • It is free
  • It does not require any sign up
  • It has a user friendly interface
  • It is dead simple and easy to use
  • You can upload your photos from your hard desk or use your webcam to get one
  • You can use the photos they provide if you do not want to use yours
  • You can use different smiles to your picture
  • You can customize your picture with hair , hats, facial art , and costumes
  • You can caricature your face ,add fish eye or brow lift
  • You can add a prerecorded audio and record yours to use with your picture
  • You can change race and gender of your photo
  • You can even change age and weight of your characters in your photo
  • You can share your image using email or download it . You can also post it facebook , or get the embed code to use in your wiki , blog or website.

How can i get started using Host-d.oddcast ?

Head over to Host-d.oddcast  main page
Click upload photo or choose from their photos

Add different smiley's to the face in your photo

Add hair , facial art and costumes

Play a little bit with the features of the face in your photo

Change race and gender

when you are done then share it or download it

Isn’t that quite cool and funny . Try it out with your students they will love it .
That’s it about Host-d.oddcast : Cartonize your Pictures into 3d Avatar.
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