Gradekeeper : a great mobile gradebook

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Gradekeeper is a terrific grade book application for the iPad. It is actually one of the important apps teachers should have on their mobile devices . Gradekeeper makes dealing with grades easy .If you want to manage your grades on the go then you need to consider it. unfortunately Gradekeeper is not free but it is very cheap it costs $4.99.

Some features of Gradekeeper

Here are the main features of the Gradekeeper as mentioned in the apple page :
“1-  Copy existing classes to your iPad using iTunes file sharing
2-   Create new classes right on your iPad
3-   View student progress reports, including category and term summaries
4-   Add new assignments and scores
5-  Take attendance
6-  Assign seats or make a new seating chart
7-  Set up your school year to use semesters, trimesters, quarters, or six terms
8-  Set up assignment categories and weights
9-  Compute grade using total points or category weights10- Set up your own letter grades and percents”.

If you like this application then consider using it in your work to manage your grades and be updated . The purpose is mobilizing your teaching and students learning .

That’s it about Gradekeeper : a great mobile gradebook.