Google Images with Sorting : Search and Find Images Easily

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Google has recently introduced Google Images with Sorting . This utility allows users to search for images by its sorts . When you search for an image in Google Images , you will no longer see only images related to your query but you can also instantly sort the results by subject . For instance , lets say i am looking for an image of a flower , when i go to Google images and type in flower and hit search i will get a plain page result that is full of flower images but when i click on ‘sort by subject’ that is on the left hand panel i will get a neat page with flower photos organized into tabs and categories . what do you think ? is not that great for topic exploration or school presentations . Teachers need to be using this functionality offered for free by Google . It will help a lot in narrowing our image search and get the maximum benefit .
Watch this short video to see how it works

Try this tip with your students and show them how they can make their image search more focused .
That’s it about Google Images with Sorting : Search and Find Images Easily .
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