File over Miles : Peer to Peer large file sharing

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As Educators we always have recourse to files be it large or small. Weeither send or recieve files and in both cases we need good file sharing tools to ease our work. There are plenty of file sharing applications that can be used for free and without any registration . The purpose of this post and the other following posts  is to present to you some of the important sharing Tools we need to be using in our daily work .

Today i will be talking about Files over Miles which is a browser to browser file sharing tool  which allows its users to send files directly to other users using just a browser .

Some features of Files over Miles

Here are the main features that Files over Miles offer to its users :
  • It is free

  • It does not require any sign up

  • It does not require any installation

  • It is very secure

  • Files are sent instantly

  • There are no intermediate servers slowing down the process.

  • You can send as many files as you want

  • There is no restriction on file size or bandwidth

  • No files are stored during the transfer

  • Both sender and receiver must be online .

How can i get started using Files over Miles ?

Head over to Files over Miles main page
  1. Click on browse

  2. follow the instructions there

  3. It is dead easy and simple to use

That’s it about File over Miles : Peer to Peer large file sharing .
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