Edistorm : real time brainstorming tool

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Edistorm is a great web2.0 tool for educators. It allows you to work on your ideas during a structured brainstorming and organize them into sticky notes for others to see . I rarely include paid web tools in this blog and when i do it is just because of the importance of the tool in education.Edistorm is one of these paid tools i decided to cover here because of the different utilities it offers to its users . It has a 30 day free trail in case you want to see how it works before you afford it .

Some features of Edistorm

Here are the main features that Edistorm offers to its users :
  • It is not free but it has a 30 day free trail period

  • It requires a sign up

  • It is very easy to use

  • It lets you brainstorm your ideas into a sticky note wall

  • You can you to organize your ideas in a real time interactive wall.

  • Each sticky note can have its own color and the users decide what the arrangement means to them.

  • Edistorm has a variety of bots including, thesaurus, rhyming, related words and a social media bot

  • Creating public or solo brainstorms is always free, while creating private invite only storms requires a subscription

  • You can invite a number of users to your storms to view and edit them

How can i get started using Edistorm ?

To learn how to use Edistorm , here is a video tutorial i have picked up from their site

That’s it about Edistorm : Real Time Brainstorming tool .
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