Dropdo : Easily share and view files

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Dropdo is a cool file sharing service . It is probably the easiest of all the tools i have covered so far . Dropdo , next to its ability to let you upload and share files with your friends , also allows others to view documents and pdfs  without downloading them ; hum Great isn’t it ? This preview functionality is what sets Dropdo apart from other file sharing services .

Some features of Dropdo ?

Here are the main features that Dropdo offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • No sign up is required

  • No download or installation is asked for

  • Upload and share files with anybody

  • Paste  URLs of files to start uploading them

  • It offers a preview for other see what your file is all about before download

  • It can also preview PDFs, audio, video, and even codes and markdowns

How can i get started using Dropdo ?

Head over to Dropdo main page and follow the three steps provided there.

That’s it about Dropdo : Easily share and view files .
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