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Corkboard is a cool web2.0 tool for educators . It allows you to create corkboards to help you organize your postings . For instance you can create ‘Books I Read’ Corkboard and put all of your books related postings in there . It is very handy and practical and above all it is free to use . It looks like Wallwisher and Dropbox but simpler than them all .

Some features of Corkboard

Here is a list of all the features that Corkboard offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It is very easy to use

  • It has an intuitive interface

  • It allows you to create and organize your corkboards very easily

  • You can invite your facebook or corkboard contacts to view or edit your postings

  • You can add comments to your corkboards

  • You can also attach image to your corkboard

  • You can build your community of people sharing the same interests

  • You can also share what you post on your facebook wall

  • You can subscribe to corkboards that interest you

  • You can check postings of other users

  • You can message your friends and send them postings

  • It has a mobile version for mobile device  users

How can i get started using Corkboard ?

Head over to Corkboard main page
  1. Sign in for a free account or use your facebook account to open one

  2. Click on Add a Corkboard to create your corkboard file

  3. Give it a name

  4. Attach an image to it

  5. Click on add postings

  6. Choose the kind of posting you want to make :

For example i will choose a note

Fill in the title, description , URL, and attach a photo
Choose you privacy settings
Click on create postings

Applications of Corkboard in education

Corkboard is a great tool for educators . Teachers can use it to create their own corkboards and share it with their students . They can for example create a classroom corkboard where to include all the links , lesson plans , events , images of relevant interest to students and then invite them to view it . Students too can use it to collaborate with each other on specific corkboards or join other students from around the world and start interacting with them .
That’s it about Corkboard : Discover and Share Anything Online.
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