: Shorten and Share Long URLs

Posted in Labels: , is a great utility that  allows its users to shorten  long URLs and then share them with others . In education , tools such as , Sendoid , and Short Text are really very helpful and i think we must be aware of them and use them with our students . They can ease your online work and save us so much time . If you want to learn about the previous tools i mentioned here you can check these posts :

Some features of

Here are the main features that offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It requires a sign up , you can use your Twitter account to access it .

  • It allows you to shorten many links and bundle them together in one package to share using a single link.

  • It offers a handy extension that you can use in your browser

  • It allows you to track your links and see which one has been clicked on

  • You can search your link history with search engine

  • You can use the recover feature to restore any BIT.LY LINKS YOU HAVE DELETED

  • You can share your links with whomever you like

How can i get started using ?

Here is how works :
  • Head over to main page

  • sign in with your Twitter account OR facebook ONE

  • Paste the URL into the shorten box

  • Click on Shorten button

As you see is very simple to use so why not give it a try .
That’s it about : Shorten and Share Long URLs .
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