Zoho Show : Create , Edit and Share Your Presentations Online

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Zoho Show is a great presentation tool i want you to know . It helps you create interactive presentations using simple yet sophisticated tools .It has several features that sets it apart from other presentation applications


Some features of Zoho Show

Here is a list of features that provides to its users
  • It is not free but has only a 30 days free trail 
  • It requires a sign up to access it
  • It has an interactive , intuitive and refreshing interface
  • It provides more than 40 elegant themes
  • It has different shapes and symbols you can embed in your presentations
  • It has an extensive support for text editing
  • You can embed images in your presentations and customize them the way you want
  • It has an updated set of bullets and numbering tools
  • It allows you to edit and customize your presentation’s styles
  • It has lots of ClipArt graphics spanning across various categories like Animals, Transport, Business, Science & Technology etc which allows you to easily jazz up your presentations.
  • It allows you to share your presentation with others
  • You can even chat with your friends while working on your presentation

How can i get started using Zoho Show

Visit Zoho Show main page and register for free
Once logged in here are what you can do : watch the video tutorial to learn how to use Zoho Show

Applications of ZohoShow in Education

Zoho Show is  another cool application you can add to your list of the presentation tools i have been covering here and that you can use securely in your classrooms.Use Zoho with your students to create beautiful presentations and slideshows .Students can also use it to work in groups for an  assignment or homework . They can use the chat option collaboratively but as i have always said , teacher supervision is highly recommended when students are on their computers .

That’s it about Zoho Show : Create , Edit and Share Your Presentations Online

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