Yaptime : The best Place to Share , Organize , and Collaborate Using Private Groups .

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Yaptime is a great web2.0 tool . It is prefect for creating private groups `where only invited members can share and plan in private`. As Robert Kapela has said , It is very hard now to find a social network that offers reasonable measures of privacy and even Facebook has grown so much impersonal to the point that you risk the disclosure of your private data there . Yaptime has been created with this mind , allowing people to share and collaborate in private groups freely and with no privacy infringement . As educators , Privacy counts a lot and  Yaptime is one of the safest place we really need for our students .

Some features fo Yaptime

Yaptime has quite many interesting features that educators can benefit from , here are some of them :
  • It is free
  • It is easy and simple to use
  • It has a very interactive and user friendly interface
  • It requires a sign up but it is quick , you can also sign in using your Facebook or Twitter account
  • It allows users to create private groups
  • you can embed photos , videos , files ,calendars  polls and surveys  into your group
  • You can also interact with your group members through messaging
  • It is secure
  • It lets you share and organize photos and videos, plan events using group calendars, and have meaningful conversations.

How can i get started using Yaptime

Head over to Yaptime main page and sign up for a free account or use your Facebook or Twitter account
Once you are logged in click on `add a room ` and give it a name and description and hit `create a room;

Now that your group is created you do the following :
Invite members
you can either use their email addresses or use the ones you have in your : Gmail , Yahoo , AOL , or Hotmail

Post a photo

Post a message to the group

Post a video

Post an event

Post a survey

Post a file

Add a group image
click on`add group image on the right hand side

Applications of Yaptime in education

Yaptime is one of the most important tools to be used with your students . It provides all the privacy and security that a classroom needs . You can use it to create a group of your class and invite your students to join in and start sharing  lessons , educative videos , important files and even assignments and homework . You can also use it to communicate with your students and keep them updated about their school events or any other event you deem important for them to catch up with . I hope you would give it a try it is really so much useful .
That,s it about Yaptime : The best Place to Share , Organize , and Collaborate Using Private Groups .

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