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Word It Out is another word cloud generator . It functions more or less like Tagul , the tool I have covered in an earlier post . Word It Out is free and has many important features that make it worth using in education with our students .
word it out

Some features of Word It Out

Here are the main features that Word It Out offer to its users ;
  • It is free
  • It does not require any sign up
  • It lets you create word clouds from sentences, documents, web addresses or tables
  • it lets you filter your text and decide which words to include in it
  • It offer awesome layout and you can customize your colors,fonts and sizes
  • you can share your word clouds with others
  • you can embed them in your blog, wiki or webpage
  • you can also download your own copy as an image file
wordit out1

How can I get started using Word It Out ?

Log on to Word It Out main page
Click on create button on top
enter your text and click on word it out
That’s it about Word It Out ; create free word clouds

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