WolframAlpha : The 21st Century Search Engine for educators

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WolframAlpha is a great search engine for computing answers and getting knowledge . I decided to add it to my lists of search engines that educators need to know about because of its interesting features . WolframAlpha is not , in fact , a search engine but rather a computational knowledge engine . While other search engines index web pages to look for textual matches accompanied by lists of links , WolframAlpha ‘uses built-in knowledge curated by human experts to compute on the fly a specific answer to every query .

Some features of Wolfram|Alpha

here are the basic features that underlie WolframAlpha service “
  • It is free
  • It does not need any login or sign up
  • It interprets your input in a smart way and generate appropriate results
  • It provides formulas and calculators
  • It has buttons and pull-down menues to help you change what is displayed
  • It provides pods with links to more information
  • It has dog ears for extra information
  • It also provides sources , references , and background information for extra links

What can i use WolframAlpha for ?

Here are some snapshots of what WolframAlpha creators thought their engine could be used for “
at work
wolfram alpha at work

at home
wolfram alpha at home 
at school
wolfram alpha at school

at play
wolfram alpha at play

watch this tutorial video to see how you can use Wolfram|Alpha
That’s it about WolframAlpha : The 21st Century Search Engine .

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