WM Converter : Free Video and Audio Converter

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WM Converter is a free application for converting almost any  video and audio file into other formats .  It is like VLC Media Player that i have talked about .These tools are very handy and above all are free to use . They do not require any advanced technological knowledge so do not worry you can use them even if you are just a beginner .

Some features of WM Converter

Here are the main features that WM Converter offers to its users
  • It is free of charge

  • It is secure quick and simple to use

  • It requires an instant download

  • It has Video Speed utility to control the speed of your video

  • It synchronizes video and audio

  • It requires minimum 1.5 GHz (Dual core processors recommended)

How can i get started using WM Converter ?

Head over to WM Converter and sign up for a free account
Watch these two tutorials to learn more

That’s it about WM Converter : Free Video and Audio Converter.