Wipee List : Easily Control and Manage Your To do Tasks

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Wipee List is another to do list tool .It works like Todoist and Ta-dalist i have covered in earlier posts. Wipee List is very simple , handy and easy to use that is why i added it to my To Do List Tools i am assembling here .

Some features of Wipee List

Here is a list of the main features that Wipee List offers to its users :
  • It is free

  • It requires a sign up but it is very instant

  • It has a great looking interface

  • It lets you create awesome to do lists

  • It has a sophisticated authoring tool

  • It lets you add your reminders

  • You can share your lists with others via a generated URL

How can i get started using Wipee List ?

Head over to Wipee Lst and sign up for your free account
Click on add an item
type in your item
use Quick reminders sticky note if your item has a priority
Visit Wipee List to learn more

Applications of Wipee List in education

Again just like what we said for Ta-dalist and Todoist , Wipee List can also be used by educators to take notes and organize their online work . I would love that you introduce these tools to your students, K-12 ones i mean, and show them how they can organize their notes and to do lists  . It is about time that our students get to know these educative technological tools to help them with their learning and better prepare them for the 21st century work environment .
That’s it about Wipee List : Easily Control and Manage Your To do Tasks .
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