Wavosaur : edit , record and process sounds for free

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Wavosaur is a free audio software .It is like Audacity but with some more features .Wavosaur allows you to edit sounds and record the one you want . It is all free and does not require any installation software . Let us go through some of the features of this podcasting tool .

Some features of Wavosaur

Wavosuar offers a multiple set of features to its users among these features we can cite for instance :
  • It is free
  • It doe not require any download or installation software
  • IT allows you to edit , process , and record sounds, wav and mp3 files
  • It has all the major audio editing tools like : cut, copy, paste,
  • It also produces music loops, analyze, record, batch convert
  • It also supports VST plugins, ASIO driver, multichannel wav files, real time effect processing
  • works on Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows Vista
Check the full list of features to learn more about what it can does .

How can i get started using Wavosaur ?

Head over to Wavosaur main page and and download it
Once you downloaded it then here are the tutorials you need to learn how it all works clcik on any title to read the tutorial :
How to use VST plugins

How to remove noise
remove sound

How to record audio with Wavosaur
wavosaur record

How to use batch processing in Wavosaur
use batch
Watch this tutorial video to learn more .



Applications of Wavosaur in Education

Just like all the podcasting tools , Wavosaur has many pluses in education . it can be use to :

  • Record student assessments or presentations.

  • Record student performances, celebrations, and other events (including guest speakers).

  • Record student interviews (such as oral histories, documentaries, reinactments, and "mockumentaries").

  • Record course content (for just-in-time, on-demand learning).

  • Record spoken language for English Language Development, Language Arts, or Foreign Language.

  • Visit Audacity post and scroll down to the bottom to read a list of the applications of audio tools in education
    That’s it about Wavosaur : Edit , Record and Process Sounds for Free

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