Vcasmo : easy way to master multimedia

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Vcasmo is a great multimedia presentation tool .It is really one of my favourites . Have you ever watched a great video on YouTube and wondered how this person  managed to create such a nice and illustrative video mixing both videos and slideshows , documents , links and may more in the same video screen that is playing . Here is the secret . Vcasmo will just help you be a professional video clips maker with not much knowledge and in easy steps .

Some features of Vcasmo

Here are the main features that underlie Vcasmo service :
  • It is partly free and there is a premium version with more storage capacities . The free version allows just for a daily upload limit: 0Mb (0%)/200Mb and a storage usage: 0Mb (0%)/512Mb
  • It requires a sign up which does not take long
  • It allows you to  upload video, Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, image, photo and music.
  • You can use the editor to organize slides in a timeline
  • you can add subtitles to your videos
  • You can synchronize your slides with video and music
  • You can skip to any part of the video without having to wait for the whole video to be downloaded
  • you can link to your blog or website inside your slides
  • You can make your presentations private , public or password protected
  • you can also embed your presentations in your blog
  • It allows you to add your favourite presentations to your user page and share with friends
  • You can also Download offline version of the presentation to burn as CD-ROM.

How can i get started using Vcasmo  ?

Head over to Vcasmo main page and sign up
Once signed in  click on main menu  then :
This where you can upload your slideshows , docs etc
Create presentations
this is where you can create your own presentations , it has three steps
Manage assets
Here you can delete the multimedia you do not want to include
Watch this tutorial video to learn more .

Applications of Vcasmo in Education

Vcasmo is a nice tool . We , as educators can use it effectively  in our classrooms with our students . We can create interactive and engaging presentations and video screencasts about   instructive tutorials .This is indeed very helpful for biology  and language teachers .Everyone can think of the best way to  integrate it into their lessons teaching but the important thing is to give it a try .
That’s it about Vcasmo : Easy Way to Master Multimedia

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