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It seems everyone is using Twitter these days . Twitter has become one of the most reputed social media tool online . Either you want to share links of your favorite websites or keep up with what your friends are posting , Twitter is always there to tame the power of information in such a drowning digital age . I know many of you use twitter on more or less a daily basis and therefore familiarity with this tool is not an issue now and yet I would include a video explaining what twitter is all about at the end of this post but for now I will introduce to you Twitter Search , which is an effective tool to keep up with what is happening around you and even beyond your timeline . it captures and organizes every tweet so that it is possible to find people and specific information in real time .
twitter search
Twitter search is also great to learn about news and again in real time , you can also track trends and join communities and all in one platform . I think that we , as educators, need to have recourse to this great functionality . You can now keep updated of the most discussed topics in education and find in seconds what other people teach the same you teach .
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Give Twitter Search a try and see by yourself . For now I will let you watch this Tutorial video to learn what Twitter Search can do for you and how you can use it ,

This is a video for those are not yet using twitter , watch the video to learn what Twitter is all about

That’s it about Twitter Search ; Your eye on the net

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