Twinslator : Free Tool to Translate your Tweets

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Back again to Twitter . This social website which has created such a big buzz in the virtual world has never stopped from amazing us with stunning applications its developers produce now and then . Given the importance of Twitter as an educative tool in education , and given the importance of its communicative role for educators , i would like to keep you updated about Twitter latest applications that we can use with our students and in our classrooms . The purpose is to enable both teachers and students to educatively benefit to the maximum from Twitter .I have already covered some of its apps in later posts namely : :an outstanding web2.0 tool for educative twitters


Today i am introducing you to Twinslator . This is a real time tool that makes us able to translate tweets we like into different languages.I am glad twitter has finally published this tool for i have always wanted to translate tweets into German and now i can.


How can i get started using Twinslator ?

Log on to Twinslator main page
  1. Paste the Tweet into the first box

  2. Select the language you want

  3. Hit translate

I know it is very simple to use and i am quite sure many of you would love it .
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That’s it about Twinslator : Free Tool to Translate your Tweets .
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