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Topmarks is a great resource site for educators . It features the best educational resources online . It looks like Discovery education with some slight differences in the layout .Topmarks is a UK site where you can browse for educative materials , activities and many more . You can  navigate the site by selecting your subject and age group or use their own search bar . The information is organized in such a way to allow teachers and students to easily find what they are looking for .
Topmarks is one of the sites that educators need to be using in their professional development journey . They can look for ready made materials to include in their classrooms .

The major tabs in Topmarks

when you head over to Topmarks main page you can navigate ;
the classroom tab
this is where you can find excellent resources for interactive whiteboards

this is where you can find excellent educative games for your students
here you can read articles designed specifically for parents
Visit Topmarks to learn more about what it offers to educators .
That’s it about Topmarks ; Free Educational resources.

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