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TakingItGlobal  is a community based website that was founded in 1999 with the aim off facilitating global awareness , social networking , and civic engagement for the youth through the use collaborative projects .TIG has a great  program LINK called TIGed program that serves over 2,400 schools in 118 countries with professional development, engaging lesson plans, and collaborative global projects.
Using TIG you can be able to browse through several global issues organized under different tabs like ;
there is also a special section just for educators where they can ;

  • participate in a community of global educators
  • access online resources and learning activities
  • create a safe , interactive and virtual classroom

The following is an excerpts of TIG “Impact Stories” ;
"TIG is one of the most unique and vibrant youth communities today. A place of brilliant people, ambitious visions, and an action-oriented outlook, it is a catalyst and support for young people around the world who aspire to make positive changes in their communities. It has been the source of countless practical projects ranging from action on hunger in a rural community to engagement at the highest levels of the multilateral system. As young people seek opportunities to engage and contribute, TIG will continue to be a place to find the networks, knowledge, and inspiration that will make their efforts succeed."
Watch this video to learn more about TakingItGlobal
Do you want to make an impact and inspire people to take action and make a difference in their education using social networking technologies ? You need then to consider visiting TakingItGlobal and sign up for a free account .
That’s it about TakingItGlobal ; Social Learning and Individual Awareness .

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