Ta-dalist : The Web’s Easiest To do list Tool .

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Ta-dalist is a simple tool that lets you create to do lists for yourself and even for others . This tool is very simple to use and completely free . I want to include it here because i know educators might need it in their daily work . You do not need to keep your lists in sticky notes to hang on the door of your fridge or use paid applications online . Ta-dalist offers you all the option you need to keep your to do lists neat and accessible everywhere with internet connection.


How can i get started using Ta-dalist ?

Log on to Ta-dalist main page and sign up for a free account . Registration takes only a minute after which you will have your own unique URL where you can see all the lists you create .
  1. Click on Sign up for free account

  2. Once signed in click on create a new list

  3. Give your list a name

  4. Add items you want to do

  5. You can email a list of these to do things to yourself

  6. You can also be notified of changes to this list via RSS

  7. Click on edit to change your lists or customize them

That’s it about Ta-dalist : The Web’s Easiest To do list Tool .
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