Study Boost ; Learn Through Instant Text Messaging

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Study Boost is a great website for students . It allows them to collaboratively study using text messaging and instant messaging . It also enables them to keep their learning materials fresh even outside the classroom . Study Boost offers a new way for students to interactively learn on the go .

Some features of Study Boost

Here are the main features that Study Boost offers to its users ;
  • It is completely free
  • It allows you to study using on mobile device or on favorite social media usinf instant messaging and sms
  • It supports several networks such as ;
1. SMS
2. Facebook Chat
3. Yahoo Messenger
4. Microsoft Live (MSN)
5. Google Chat
6. Jabber
  • You can use your Google, twitter , or facebook account to log in
  • You can share batches you create with your friends and collaborate on others
  • It les you add questions to your batches
  • You can search for batches created by your friends or classmates

How can I get started using Study Boost ?

Go over to Study Boost and sign in for a free account or use other accounts to log in
Watch this Tutorial video to learn more

I hope you would consider stopping by Study Boost and give it a try .
That’s all about Study Boost ; Learn Through Instant Text Messaging .

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