Strike App : Easy Collaborative Task List Making Tool

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Strike is a great ‘to do list’ making tool .It is very simple and easy to use . I am adding this application to the list i am making here about To Do List tools we can use in education . I have already covered some tools like : Squareleaf , Wipee List, Ta-dalist, Todoist . All of these tools can work perfectly well in education .

Some features of Strike

Strike offers several features and services to its users . Here are some of them :
  • It is free

  • it requires a sign up but it is quick

  • It has a user friendly interface

  • It lets you create to do lists and store them online

  • It offers several designs , backgrounds and themes for your lists

  • You can share your lists via  a generated URL

Applications of Strike App in education

If you liked this tool then why not try it out with your students in the classroom . Show them how they can use it and make to do lists for them and let them track homework and assignments just from one platform.
That’s it about Strike App : Easy Collaborative Task  List Making Tool .
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