Sticky Screen : Set to do list items in your homepage

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Sticky Screen is one of the easiest online to do list tool . It is my favorite tool of them all . Sticky Screen is very easy to use . What sets this application apart from all the other to do lists management apps i have covered here is that you can set it as your homepage and whenever you opened a new tab in your browser , your to do list items will just pop up at your face . No way that you  can ignore or forget about them . This is really perfect for us in education . We can use it to remind of us of tasks we need to do or assignments and homework we want to deliver to our students or set it as a reminder of meetings we will have or simply gather all of these items in one page . I am using it as my home page and honestly speaking , hasn’t it been for this tool many tasks will have been waiting there forever . I have loads and loads of things to do and i just keep forgetting about some of them because of stress of work but now i have to face it , things stare at me telling me hey you have stored us here so get us out of this page please .

How can i get started using Sticky Screen ?

Sticky Screen is free of charge and does not require any sign up .
Head over to Sticky Screen Main page and start typing your notes . The notes are updated automatically as you type .
Here is a screenshot of how Sticky Screen looks like

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That’s it about Sticky Screen : Set to do list items in your homepage .
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