Spicynodes : create engaging visual mindmaps

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Spicynodes is a pretty cool web2.0 tool . It allows its users to create a visually attractive nodes for their blogs, websites or wikis  . Nodes are visually displayed pieces of information that helps visitors easily navigate the content of your site so that they find what they are looking for with the minimum time possible .

Some features of Spicynodes

Spicynodes offers the following services to its users :
  • It is partly free , there is a paid version with more options
  • It requires a sign up but you can use your yahoo , Gmail or Facebook account to sign in as well
  • It is very simple to use
  • It organizes ideas in such a catchy way
  • It helps brainstorm concepts
  • It create elegant mind maps like presentations
  • It is embeddable in your blog or website
  • It can be shared with others using different methods

How can i get started using Spicynodes

Head over to Spicynodes main page and sign up for a free account  or use one of the account it offers to sign in
Once signed in then here is how to start your nodes :
click on create nodemap and give your node a title and description or upload your text to it then
edit styles
choose the style you want to apply for your nodemap
edit content
here you can edit titles , add urls and link and many more
edit content
preview your node
preview your nodemap before you publish it or share it with others
after you have finished making your nodemap you can then :
  • see it live
  • get URL
  • get embed code
  • get html
here is an example of a nodemap created for this blog :

Applications of Spicynodes in education

Since visual objects tend to stimulate students attention much more than any other thing then Spicynodes would just do the same . It would allow students to create visually engaging mind maps about interesting concepts and would catch their attention much more than any other diagram and mind mapping tool would do . It would also help them create organizational charts a thing which biology , history , language and maths teacher would benefit from a lot .
That’s it about Spicynodes : create engaging visual mindmaps

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