Songza : Listen, search ,and find the music you like

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Songza is a great musical web2.0 site .It allows you to search and listen to any song or brand you like . It is a collection of radio stations that ordinary users like you and me together with some experts from songza site have created .These stations cover a wide array of themes, contexts, interests, activities, feelings and eras .Some of the stations they have are "Songs In Apple Commercials," "90s One-Hit Wonders," and "Music of Fashion Week.".

Some features of Songza

there are the features Songza offers to its users :
  • It is completely free
  • It requires a sign up to create a station but you can browse through the stations without registration
  • It lets you search and find music you like
  • It has a nice serch utility based on categories and eras
  • You can make your own station and coolect the music you like
  • Interact with people by leaving feedback in their stations and responding to comments on your wall

How can i get started uisng Songza ?

Head over to Songza main page and sign up there
Now you either “
Create a station by clicking on “ create a station” button
songza create
Find a station
Click on find a station to start looking for stations having the music you like

Applications of Songza in Education

I am not really sure to what extent we should let our students be exposed to song and music site because they are not trustworthy all the time . Anyway , what i would suggest here is that teachers log on and create their stations and gather all the songs that they want to include in their teaching , this concerns language teachers who can have sessions called teaching a song .You can also use it to listen to some music and relax after a long busy day at school .
That’s it about Songza : Listen, search , find the music you like
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