Someries : stories read aloud by kids for kids

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Someries is a fantastic  storytelling site . It has  a continuous flow of new stories, read aloud by kids . The stories are all made by kids and for kids,  learners of English can benefit a lot from this site too . Some of the videos in Someries are subtitled so that kids can both read and listen to what they read .

Some features of Someries

Here is a list of features that Someries offer to its users
  • It is completely free
  • It is does not require any sign up
  • You can not publish your own videos there just watch them
  • You can not download or upload any video from it
  • Videos are made just by kids
  • Videos are short and have a high resolution picture

Applications of Someries in Education

Teachers of EFL and ESL , here is your site . Someries is really a great source for educative videos . For those who teach English in non native English speaking countries , Someries offers a good opportunity for their students to get exposed to real and authentic English . Videos from this site can also be used for speaking and listening activities . Pick a video and write a set of questions relating to its content and then let students listen to it then answer the questions .
That’s it about Someries : stories read aloud by kids for kids