snisnip : shorten , crop and share videos

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SnipSnip is a great video editing tool. I find it much better then many of the other video tools. SniSnip allows you to snip parts of video to share with your students . No need to play the whole video if you just want a specific part in it .I have already talked about two other video editing applications that can do the same work as SniSnip but are slightly different . You can check them at
TubeChop : The Educative Use of Youtube

Some of the features of SniSnip ?

SniSnip offers many features to its users;
  • It is completely free
  • It does not require any registration
  • It lets you crop only parts of a video 
  • You can share cropped videos with others
  • You can also embed them in your blog or wiki
  • It eliminates all the distractive features around videos

How can i get started using SnipSnip ?

Log on to SnipSnip main page
Copy the YouTube video url and paste it in SnipSnip search box then select the start point and end time.
Yes it is this simple .
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