SlideSix :Combine Videos and Slides in one single screen

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SlideSix is a great presentation tool . It enables users to share multimedia presentations using a rich web based application where they “ they can import presentation material and personalize their message by narrating each slide with video or audio.”

Some features of SlideSix

Here are the major features of SlideSix :
  • It is free
  • It has a simple , effective and user-friendly interface
  • It requires a sign up but if you want to try it before you sign up you can do that too
  • It allows you to narrate your presentations
  • It lets you embed external videos from youtube and vimeo
  • You can import presentations (PowerPoint, OpenOffice, PDF) and supporting documentation (ZIP)
  • You can edit its details, record multimedia, manage their personal profile and groups all within a single web based interface.
  • It supports a wide array of presentation formats including: PPT/PPS (PowerPoint 97/2000/XP) PDF (Adobe Acrobat) ODP/SXI (OpenOffice) MOV (QuickTime)

How can i get started using SlideSix

visit SlideSix main page and register for free then watch this video

You can also this demo to learn more

Applications of SlideSix in Education

SlideSix is a great tool for educators . Teachers and students can use it to create interactive slideshows in which they gather both videos and documents . It is best used for illustrative lessons and presentations . I would recommend it to every educator and i would love to see teachers helping their students using it in their assignments and homework .
That’s it about SlideSix :Combine Videos and Slides in one single screen

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