slatebox :a real-time diagram tool

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Slatebox is another great presentation and online mind mapping tool . It allows its users the freedom to create as many nodes and maps as possible . It is still in beta and  all free now but premium versions are coming soon too .

Some features of Slatebox

Here are the main features that Slatebox offers to its users :
  • It is partly free
  • it is simple to use and has a very user-friendly interface
  • It allows you to bed slates and embed them anywhere
  • It is reliable and many browsers support it
  • It lets you Customize your slates : colors, shapes, sizes — from connecting lines to nodes to the backgrounds.
  • It does not require any plugins
  • It allows you to Embed, enmesh, or simply link to your slates and share them with the world.

How can i get started using Slatebox ?

First head over to Slatebox main page and sign up or use one of these account

Click on ‘new slate’ button and select the theme you want

Click on ‘ double click ‘ to choose what kind of node you want

Double click in the empty space to create a node
use the right hand bar to “
  1. customize the shape of your node
  2. embed image or video
  3. select the lines , borders and text
  4. change the background image , colour and border
Click on ‘ properties ‘ button to give it a title and description and choose privacy settings

click on ‘ collaborate’ to allow collaboration

Once you have finished with your slate click embed button on the top bar

if you want to export it as an image click on ‘ export’ button

Applications of Slatebox in education

Slatebox is a very important tool that we need to introduce to our students .Students can use it to create their own slates and mind maps and brainstorm ideas about a certain topic .They can also work in groups to create slate relating to a given assignment . They can collaborate while they are working on their slates using the collaborative option that slatebox offers . There are many other ways you can think of in which Slatebox can be used in the classroom .
That’s it about Slatebox: a Real Time Diagram Tool .

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