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SchoolWAX TV is your educational video and homework help site . It is indeed one of the best educational resource site online . It is very secure and provides a safe environment for students to work on . SchoolWax tv allows you to upload your own videos without any sign up , watch others’ videos and share the ones you like with your friends .

SchoolWAX TV was designed with schools, students, teachers, and parents in mind. You will only find educator approved videos on SchoolWAX TV so everyone can learn in a safe and comfortable environment. SchoolWAX TV is the perfect resource for students who are working on their homework or just need a little extra help on any given subject. Teachers can use the animations and videos to capture their students’ attention and enrich classroom lessons!

schoolwax tv

You can navigate SchoolWax tv using different tabs such as :

Elementary School
schoolwax tvelementaryschool
Secondary School
schoolwax tv secondar
Middle School
schoolwax tv educators
Student projects
schoolwax tv students projects
If you want to upload a video just click on ‘Upload a video ‘ button
you can also use the quick search tool to search for videos you are looking for

Applications of SchoolWAX TV in education

SchoolWAX TV is really a great site for teachers . Now you can have a huge library of videos to share with your students . Any topic or issue you want to discuss with your learners , just go to SchoolWAX TV and search for a video that relates to it . Remember multimedia clips attract student attention much more than any other thing .
That’s it about SchoolWAX TV : Free Educative Videos

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