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Schoolastic is one of the best graphic organizer provider online . It offers a wide range of graphics covering different topics particularly Reading Comprehension . Just to remind you , a recent scientific research has proved that students learn more when they are visually stimulated .  Graphic organizers are among the best visual stimulants that can be used in education and that’s why I have tried the maximum possible to include the best free resources that provide organizers .

This is what Schoolastic makers said abut their website

Teacher Vision is anther leading website in education . It provides engaging and interactive graphic organizers that can be downloaded and printed . I am adding it to the list of Free Graphic Organizers I have assembled here .

What kind of Graphic organizers Schoolastic offers ?

There are several categories that you can explore , some of these are ;
Organizer Patterns
Organizer Patterns
Organizational Outline
Idea Web
Venn Diagram

Reading Comprehension
KWL Chart
Author Tools
What's the Main Idea?

My Reading Record
Independent Reading Contract
Teacher-Student Reading Conference Form
Checklist for Strategies Students/before reading
Checklist for Strategies Students/while reading
Checklist for Strategies Students/after reading
Please before you use any of these graphic organizers make sure you show credit to Schoolastic website as it is the primary owner of these resources .
I hope you liked this post and that you will try some of what it offers for us in education
That’s it about Schoolastic; free engaging graphic organizers
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