Primary Wall : Students Sticky Notes Wall

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Primary Wall is a great collaborative sticky note service .This tool is different from the other sticky notes applications in that it does not require any sign up . Primary Wall is created with elementary school students in mind .It allows users to organize their notes in such an easy way that no extra or advanced technology knowledge is needed . It is ideal for students and i would really recommend everyone of you who has not tired it to do so .

How can i get started using Primary Wall ?

Head over to Primary Wall main page
Click on create new wall
Watch this tutorial video to learn more

Applications of Primary Wall in education

Primary Wall is a very important tool in education . we can use it to collect and organize sticky notes that are relevant to our students learning needs and then invite them to visit the URL of the wall we have created and let them start editing it . They can click on”add notes” or double click on the wall to start writing their own notes .
That’s it about Primary Wall : Students Sticky Notes Wall.

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