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Open Study is another great social networking website for educators . It is even better than most of the networking tools I have covered here so far . I know exactly how important social media sites are in our digital age and that’s why I am selecting the best tools I can find online and share them with you to generalize the benefit and enhance our teaching practices using web2:0 tools in education . You can check the other social networking sites I have already talked about namely ; Twiducate,Tonnti, and Fridge . Today I will be introducing Open Study and show you how we can use it in our classrooms .
open study

Some features of Open Study

Open Study has many features that sets it apart from other social networking applications ; among these features ;
  • It is completely free
  • It requires a sign up
  • You can use your Facebook account to log in
  • It provides a message board for students in need of help
  • Students can create their own groups
  • They can also join other online groups
  • They can subscribe to their colleagues updates
  • They can use it to jot down their own notes online

How can I get started using Open Study ?

Head over to Open Study main page and sing up for a free account
Watch this tutorial video to learn more how to use Open Study

Applications of Open Study in Education

There are several ways to use Open Study in education ;
students can use it to ;
  1. seek help about  difficult questions from others
  2. they can use it to answer others questions and offer help
  3. it teaches students the notions of team work and collaboration
  4. they can use it to connect with other students studying the same things
  5. they can create their own study groups and invite their teachers to administer it

That’s it about Open Study; easily create and join online study gr

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