Movavi : convert your videos easily

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Movavi is a great video converter tool .It is one of the best multimedia converting applications online . It has several features that sets it apart from other websites and that is why i am including it here today to introduce it to my fellow educators or anyone else with an interest in media conversion .

Some features of Movavi

Here are the main features that characterize Movavi :
  • It is has a free version which we can use as educators and it also has a pro version for those who want more options
  • It allows you to download videos from video sharing sites
  • You can convert your videos to many formats
  • You do not need to download any software
  • You cam merge many video clips into one long movie
  • You can save your videos to your iphone , ipod , and cellphone

How can i get started using Movavi

Log on to Movavi main page and and sign up for free account
Watch this tutorial video to learn how to use it

Applications of Movavi in education

As i said before Movavi is a good tool for educators . Teachers and students can use it to convert their videos into format they like without having to install any software .They can also use it to store videos they like and share them with others .
That’s it about Movavi : Conver Your Videos Easily .

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