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Joongle is a great search engine for educators . It is one of the prominent engines of the educative search engines we have complied in this blog . It collects data from the most popular sources in the internet and on top of them the 10 leading websites online . Its search is based on geographical location of the user and traffic ranking analysis from Google, Hitwise, Compete, Comscore, Nielsen//Netratings, Quantcast and more. Internet is a real jungle and unless you have a trusted guide you will definitely be lost within it , Joongle was created just to lead you explore this jungle smartly .

Some features of Joongle

Here is what Joongle has to offer to its users :
  • Direct and to the point search results
  • results are based on specific subjects or subcategories
  • It is completely free
  • It can  be used in different platforms such as search plugins, expert websites and the Joongel main website.
  • It provides you with the search skills of an expert without any learning process
  • It offers the highest quality of information that is 100% relevant to your needs.

Joongle also allows you to :

  • Customize it for your country
  • Add its search pluggins
  • Add it to your desktop
  • Add your feed back
So what do you think about it ? would you give it a try ? visit Joongle and see by yourself .

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