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Posted in Labels: ,  is a free service that allows its users to connect together and share their screens . Using Mac and Windows users will be able to see what is going on on each others screens . It supports up to 250 people . To start using it you need to download and run the app . This service has a basic version and a paid version . But the basic version is enough for us here . here is a snapshot of the difference between paid and free versions ;

How can I get started using Join me ?

Head over to main page and download the app
Once downloaded , you need to give the nine digit access numbers to your collaborators to start seeing your screen and collaborating with you .
It is very simple to use and you do not need any advanced tech knowledge to do that

Applications of in education

Join. me is a great tool that we can use in education with our students . Teachers can use it to share their screen with their students when explaining a part of a lesson or to walk them through a step by step tutorial or virtual presentations . students can also use it to collaborate with each other on projects and classroom assignments .
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