Images to Video : Convert Images into Videos

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Images to Video is a cool application that allows you to convert jpg images to videos . It is one of the alternatives to Windows Movie Maker . What i liked about this tool is that it is very quick and does not take forever to convert items into videos . Try it out you might like it and therefore use it with your students to create awesome videos of a trip you made somewhere or turn a school party into a streaming video .


Some features of Images to Video

Here are the main services that Images to Video offers to its users
  • It is free
  • It is dead simple
  • It does not require any registration
  • It allows you to turn images into videos very easily
  • It supports many video formats like AVI (MPEG4), WMV, FLV (Flash), MOV (QuickTime).
  • It lets you integrate your video into your website or wiki

How can i get sarted using Images to Video ?

Head over to Images to Video main page
  1. Click on Add Images to upload your images
  2. Click on Add Sound to upload an audio clip
  3. Hit Generate video
It is this simple . Visit Images to Video and try it by yourself .
That’s it about Images to Video : Convert Images into Videos .