Google Video ; a great video resource for educators

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Google Video is a great resource for videos . I am a very big fun of Google and I take everything Google creates for granted . I have a very long experience with Google applications particularly those that are made for educators and I have also conducted several researches around the services Google provides for its users and the only conclusion I keep coming up to is ; Google is GREAT and REALLY deserves the label internet guru .I have devoted a whole section in Educational technology Blog just for its tools and tutorials and their applications in education . Today I want to introduce those of you who are not yet aware of Google Video . This website is number one alternative to Youtube . You can use it to search for videos about anything . The results are just as pertinent as Youtube and the repertoire is huge so the possibility not to find what you are looking for is very scarce .
What really makes Google video one of the best video resources ever created online is the fact that when you search for a video it gives you back results from all the other video resources . This means that you can browse the most reputed video sites just in one platform . Some of  the video sites that Google Video fetches its results from are ; Youtube , Vimeo , , Vodpod, Dailymotion, , Teachertube and many more .
Here is a snapshot f how google Video page results look like
google video

As educators and teachers we need to use this invaluable site and introduce it to our students and show them how to use it in their learning .
That’s it about Google Video ; a great video resource for educators .
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