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I am one of the biggest fans of Google products and tools and today i will introduce you another great creation of Google . Google for Educators Interactive Map is a great website designed specifically to meet educators need . It offers a range of Google applications and tutorials on how to use Google tools in education and inside your classroom .It also include links to online resources , links , discussions and many more . I would really recommend everyone of you to go visit it and have a look . Google for Educators Interactive Map will save you all the time you might spend online looking for an application if you find it at all . Everything is collected in a neat and interactive map , so you just hover over a title and click on it to be directed straightforwardly to the target page . IT is so easy to navigate the map and it has instructions you can read to best use it .I have been using it for quite a while now and i find it completely confortable as far as navigation and searching is concerned .
google for educators2

Here is a sncreenshot of Google for Educators Interactive Map

google for educators

let’s meet at Google for Educators Interactive Map .

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