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Google Documents is a great application issued by Google . I have already covered the different uses of this app in education in a post entitled Google docs in education . Today i am adding some extra services that Google have just updated . As you probably know ; Google doc offers you an online storage capacity of 1024 MB and you can pay to have more . This virtual storage repertoire allows you to download a decent amount of docs and access them wherever you are . I personally depend on it a lot because i hate memry sticks and USBs .
goole doc
A couple of months ago Google introduced the new functionality of Drop and Drag making it easy for you to drag any document from your desktop right into the upload box and start uploading it immediately . No more complications , uploading has never been this easy with Google Doc and it takes only a few seconds to upload your stuff . wow what a great time saver !
The second functionality is the Folder Upload . Google Doc has added Folder Upload via the new upload menu in the latest version of Chrome , Firefox and Safari . You just need to install a small applet into your browser to start using this service .
google doc1

Lastly when you upload a document using the drop down menu a window will show up in the bottom right of your documents list and show upload progress. Picture

Once files are uploaded, they will appear in your documents list within seconds. You can also share them from the pop-up. Uploaded files go into the currently selected collection and have visibility set to private unless the collection is shared.
google doc2

Visit Google Docs Blog to learn more about these services and many more .

That s it about Google Documents : Simpler File Upload .
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