A GOOGLE A DAY: enhance your search skills

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Google has never stopped from amazing us in the sphere of education with its plethora of applications and tools that have a direct positive impact on the way we teach and learn . Today I will present to you a Goog A Day , a cool website powered by Google for puzzle making and solving . The purpose behind this is to enhance users critical thinking and creativity and also develop their daily search skills . aren't these the very same goals we all want our 21st century students to achieve ?

Google A Day uses Deja Google which is according to Google A wormhole inspired time machine that enables you to solve today's puzzle spoiler free by searching the Internet as it existed before A Google a Day launched.

How can I get started using Google A Day ?

Head over to a Google A Day main page
Right under the search bar you will find a box containing the day,s question
google a day
You can now start your online search for the answer
You can also share this question with your friends and colleagues using the share button as shown in the snapshot above .
I hope you like A Google A Day and that you will give it a shot .

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