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Findhow is a great search engine that i am adding to my list of educative search engines for teachers . Findhow provides trusted, reliable How-To content on the Internet. If you are looking for how to do things then Findhow will bring you just the right ways . I have tried and find it really interesting .

FindHow, the How-To search engine, brings trust back into the equation by focusing on indexing only high-quality How-To's, typically from well-known, recognized brand names or individuals. Many of these sources (often companies, government entities, or educational institutions) have other motives for providing information besides pure profits, and most have trusted, off-line brand name reputations to protect - which encourages them to focus on providing trustworthy and high-quality information.


You can even register there and personalize your avatar , share your expertise and encourage others to succeed .

Applications of Findhow in education

Findhow is very impotant site for both teachers and students . Next to looking for how to do things , Findhow features a single page dedicated to educational  and writing and speaking how- tos .There are many things you and your students can learn from these articles . Here is two examples of the educational how-tos Findhow includes
Education Howtos
howto education
Writing and speaking howtos
how to write a

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