esl video ; online video quizzes for your students

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ESL Video is a community based website for educators . It is a great source of educative videos that are meticulously collected from different video hosting websites like YouTube, Google Video , Bliptv and many more .
ESL Video has a section just for teachers where they can get help on several teaching practices and there is another section just for students where they can watch online video activities and have access to books , software, podcasts and courses .

Some features of ESL Video

Here are the main features that ESL Video offers to its users ;
  • It is completely free
  • it requires a sign up if you want to build your quizzes and interact with others
  • it lets you create online quizzes for your students , blogs and websites
  • quizzes can be based on videos from any video hosting services
  • it provides video resources for both students and teachers

How can I get started using ESL Video ?

Head over to ESL Video main page and sign up for free
Now watch these tutorial videos to learn more how to use its different functionalities
1 How to create a quiz on ESL Video

2 How to send quiz results to your teacher

3 How to send quizzes to students

That s it about  ESL Video ; Online video quizzes for your students.

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