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Again Discovery Education . This website which I have covered before in a post entitled Discovery education ; a great website for educators which have hit the maximum number of visitors is under spotlight again . This time I will present to you a very important section called Kathleen  Schrocks Guide for Educators . This guide provides for free a number of teacher helpers in the form of slide shows . These slides cover a wide range of topics dealing with technology and education . They are normally developed for workshops and conferences Kathy has been undergoing . I have checked most of them and I was really amazed at the kind of information they include . I know many of us lack this knowledge and site like this one are one of the best solutions to help educators develop their information technology literacy .

How can I get started using Teachers Helpers ?

Head over to Teacher Helpers main page and scroll down to the chart that contains all the links to pdfs ,and slideshows .
Please when you go to the site and you want to use any of the slide shows there make sure you mention credit by attaching the name of its owner . We are lucky that Kathy has been generous with us not to put them for sale and that we can use them for free . This is what the owner said about them

Following are links to PDF, Flash, and/or HTML versions of slide shows I have developed for various workshops and conferences. Feel free to use them for training purposes, but please keep my name on them
When presenting these to large groups, change your screen resolution to 640x480 for the shows with the little slides.

Choosing a presentation will open a new, resizeable, browser window. Close the pop-up window before choosing another presentation to view.

Here is a snapshot of the teacher helpers

I hope you liked the website that you can use it to consolidate the tech knowledge you need  to be an effective 21st century teacher .
That’s it about Discovery Education ; Teacher Helpers .

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